No matter what you do, where your business is,

& whichever niche you focus on, You can 5X, 10X, & even 20X your ROI 

(using an additional revenue stream) by following this tested approach

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There's satisfaction in knowing that
Your business is making steady income
… but how do you ensure that??

Scaling a business is always built on the foundation of marketing, but, apart from all the usual stuff, how extensive & deep are we all diving into marketing our business at the moment?

Content marketing has become the new king for all businesses, but what all forms of content marketing have you aced so far?

The one way you can add on to your content marketing game is by building an online academy & sharing your knowledge with the world.

Knorish helps your business scale with a FOREVER DIGITAL PRODUCT to unprecedented levels by building an online academy that helps you market, monetise & grow your business, turning it into a global brand

  • Share helps your expertise with the world & monetize it   
  • Your Custom Branded Online Academy 
  •  All in one SaaS platform which even an 8 yr. old can use without coding 
  • Blended learning-self-paced + Live sessions 
  • Create stunning website 
  • Build sales Funnels to nurture & convert leads 
  • Fully automated-right from payment collection to course assignment

If your business is already rocking, we help it with a new revenue stream If your business seeks longevity, we help it build self-sustainability If your business seeks assistance, we help it pour in new loyal customers

Why should I do all this when I can focus my energy on building a new product/ service for additional revenue streams?

To understand why you should choose to build an online academy for your business, that can have the potential to pour in thousands of paying customers into your business, you need to understand the larger market formulafirst!


In any given market, for any given product, there exists a certain percentage of customer cohorts as illustrated above & explained below:

3% - Buying now stage:

This set of prospects are the most demanded, most attractive, the ones with the most eyes on and with the maximum competition for conversion. In other words, they are in the ‘buying mode’. For example, if you scroll on Facebook & get a chance to come across an ad that shouts “Best new fashion trends, available for both men & women”, these types of ads are directly targeted at them.

But that is not hard. Why? Because you are offering an extremely hungry person a 3-course meal, who will certainly have a high tendency to buy it from you without reconsidering anything.

What we are trying to explain here is that the fight for direct response selling in this segment is brutal!!

With every other business in line, offering almost the same service/ value to the prospective customers in this 3% segment leads to such a perfect competition that you don’t get an opportunity to be flexible here. It’s either fight or die (that too for such a small percentage!!)

As much as we want you to target this segment, we also don’t want you to focus your entire energy here, as this hungry segment comprises a very minuscule portion of your market size.

17% - Information gathering stage:

This set of prospects are the ones who are interested in you/ your product/ service but are still evaluating the market to nurture their decision & their intent of buying furthermore.

In other words, they are gathering more information about their problem & are looking for the best option to help them solve their problem.

These 17% prospects of your market size are the ones whom a lot of business owners fail to target because they are busy focussing their energy on the top 3%

20% - Aware of the problem stage:

You guessed it! This set of prospects are aware of their problem & that’s it! They are not doing anything about it, however, if given a chance - they will certainly tend to look into the matter & find a solution.

Once they are made aware of their problem, they will start evaluating their interest and consider making a decision toward buying your product/service.

60% - Not aware of the problem stage:

...and there comes the BIG 60% segment of prospects that are not even aware if they have a problem or not. They are completely unaware & are likely to not buy your product/service, hence, it becomes better to not focus a lot of time in this segment.

Out of the 100% market size, 63% of the customers are the ones which are either completely ignored by business owners(the 60%) or are focussed so much on(the 3%), that all other prospective customers are forgotten!!

You see? The problem is that the majority of the marketers are exclusively focused on the 3% segment, leaving behind the majority of the 37% of their customers untapped!

YOU NEED TO TARGET THE REMAINING 37% OF THESE NEW POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS if you wish to BUILD additional sources of REVENUE, build a long-term business plan or even onboard new loyal customers in your business


Build beautiful online courses & sales funnels on the most user-friendly platform ever

Personally guide your online visitors to make sure they go through your online course & not get lost

Build a page that directs your learners towards buying your course and nothing else

Quickly go from a few to thousand customers

Success stories from our partners

Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta

Abhinav Prateek


Harish Kumar

Dr. Shamoly Khera
TEDx Speaker,  founder - Speak To Inspire Academy

Geeta Malik
Winner of HUL corporate Master Chef & Founder,

Shaurya Sinha
Entrepreneur, Standford Class of 2025 Admit, Youtuber with 25k+ subscribers and the founder of

Dr. Vishwas
Entrepreneur & Management Consultant, Founder & Chairman, Principal Advisor, Chief Consultant and Managing Director at various companies

Knorish gives you everything you need to build a sales funnel & sell your courses - Grow your academy at your own pace, effortlessly

Build appealing websites with endless drag & drop customisation. No coding skills required

Create amazing multimedia-rich courses with a powerful & easy course builder

Accept international payments through Cards & Digital wallets via an integrated payment gateway

Track & analyse your student’s progress along with your transaction history & revenue


Knorish is a technology solution that allows anyone and everyone to launch their own online courses with their own brand.

Experts, niche influencers, people in general and businesses can now simply sign up on the platform and quickly build, launch and sell their online courses based on their knowledge to a global audience from a website that they build on our platform with their own branding.

Knorish as a platform has been purposefully built to ensure that anyone can build a site for themselves, upload content and launch an online course in a matter of hours and not even days.

The list includes niche experts, businesses, institutions and enterprises wanting to share and sell their domain knowledge with others. People and brands have used Knorish to set up various education businesses to teach various topics such as geophysics, fashion, design, event marketing, mindfulness, de-addiction, hobbies and much more.

Knorish usually gets compared with Udemy, however, it is a completely different solution.

Knorish is not a marketplace. Knorish allows you to create a whole new business based on your courses and content for a revenue stream that did not exist earlier for you. The platform is an enabler for those with Knowledge to share that knowledge and monetize it. With Knorish, you can build an entire business

You also get to create your own brand website ( complete with online courses and content, automatically collect payments domestically and from international students in INR and USD.

Knorish has been created specifically as a DIY (do-it-yourself) platform for creators to take their business online.

We are continuously working to add a wide variety of themes that creators can use to build their sites. The entire theme including its pages, links, images, videos is all customizable as you wish. And it is not required that you use Knorish's design team for creating your website.

Website creation typically takes anywhere from 7 to 10 days to complete post content submission. These timelines are dependent on the number of pages to be created.

Domain names are part of the brand creation exercise. As such, brand names can be very subjective just like the design. The platform offers a subdomain at the time of sign up - Creators may choose to use the same or purchase a new domain and connect the same with your site on knorish

No, the content has to be provided by the customer. Please ensure to share the entire content in one go before the design service starts. Once a site is created, the design team is released for other projects. Since the platform is easy to use, creators are requested to incorporate changes on their own by using the website builder tool.

A sales funnel is a customer journey on your webpage that guides your visitors sequentially towards making a buying decision without getting lost. All this is done with the help of a series of landing pages, emails, videos, offers & payment methods.

A well-designed sales funnel is absolutely essential for an online course business that seeks to grow progressively and get the maximum ROI on their marketing expenses.

Knorish provides you with all the elements you need to build an effective sales funnel including website builder, landing page builder, course builder, payment gateways, checkout pages as well as email marketing and display advertising integrations.

Moreover, Knorish provides you with the necessary learning resources to help you develop a robust sales funnel for your online course business & drive sales.

No, you don’t need any prior knowledge before you build your first sales funnel with Knorish. In fact, Knorish has been intuitively designed so that even those who are tech-averse can build beautiful online courses and sales funnels with Knorish & sell their online course business to the world!