Introducing Live Sessions With Zoom 

on Knorish 

Stop paying for Zoom Subscription for your live sessions. 
Go Live With The New Feature Coming Soon On Knorish.

Events, webinars, meetings, up to 500 participants per session, polls, quizzes, automated reminder emails, single click access, and a lot more that would cost over INR 15000/month/license now available in all Knorish Paid plans.

There's a lot more that you can do with Live Sessions

After the amazing success of live events feature on Knorish, the countdown has begun when we empower all our paid plan members to conduct live sessions using Zoom straight from their websites.

Engage learners better, offer live sessions as part of your academy without the hassle of figuring out the tech behind it. From live session set up to go live in just a few clicks! Plus a host of functionalities of Zoom webinar, and meetings at your fingertips from the start without the extra cost! 

  • Sell unlimited webinars, one on one sessions, or online sessions straight from your academy
  • Plan and set up single sessions, ongoing or multiple sessions for up to a year all at once
  • Up to 500 participants per live session
  • Automate email reminders for all participants and for all sessions. Set up and forget!
  • Single click go live for hosts and attend button for participants
  • Automatically collect payments for paid sessions

All this and much more without the need for buying any additional Zoom license. Now available directly with a Knorish Academy

Get this feature for your academy now!

Some case studies of success on Knorish

0 to 8 lakhs in 60 days

Geeta says

“The knowledge you find scattered online is not a match for something as organized as a thoughtfully curated online course”,

After successfully running cooking camps for 8+years, Ms. Malik has applied all her acquired rich knowledge and experiences in designing her cooking courses. She launched her Enrichment Academy online during the COVID-19 lockdown and learners loved learning a new life skill at their own pace. Combined with stellar automated customer support, enrichment academy has helped over 1000 people improve their culinary skills. 

0 to 24 lakhs 

Yukti says

“I was totally dreading technology & whoever I spoke to for a solution asked of heavy capital requirements to start off. But when I finally launched my first online course, everyone said the course is so good, you need to price it. It will sell, and it did!”

Erickson Certified Coach (ICF accredited) and Former Gladrags Mrs India (Runner up) Ms Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta has enabled more than a thousand professionals and aspiring leaders to become a better leader in their organization and has enabled them to reach higher in their career goals with's online courses and live online one-on-one coaching. And the academy has made over 24 lakhs with 0 marketing dollars and pure organic content marketing on social media. 

Still confused if you can share your knowledge and monetize it through online courses?

If you are still confused about literally anything be it about building your online course business, conducting live sessions, or selling online courses with your own branded academy...

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