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The case studies of success

15,000+ academies

… from diversified segments including K-12, Hospitality, Leadership, Coaching, Arts, Health & Wellness, Sports, Spirituality, Personal & Professional Development, Culinary, Marketing & Management, IT, Finance

…& so many more built & launched their own academy online, & are now achieving results like:


0 to 8 lakhs in 60 days

Geeta says

“The knowledge you find scattered online is not a match for something as organized as a thoughtfully curated online course”,

After successfully running cooking camps for 8+years, Ms. Malik has applied all her acquired rich knowledge and experiences in designing her cooking courses. She launched her Enrichment Academy online during the COVID-19 lockdown and learners loved learning a new life skill at their own pace. Combined with stellar automated customer support, enrichment academy has helped over 1000 people improve their culinary skills. 


0 to 24 lakhs 

Yukti says

“I was totally dreading technology & whoever I spoke to for a solution asked of heavy capital requirements to start off. But when I finally launched my first online course, everyone said the course is so good, you need to price it. It will sell, and it did!”

Erickson Certified Coach (ICF accredited) and Former Gladrags Mrs India (Runner up) Ms Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta has enabled more than a thousand professionals and aspiring leaders to become a better leader in their organization and has enabled them to reach higher in their career goals with SBYAcademy.in's online courses and live online one-on-one coaching. And the academy has made over 24 lakhs with 0 marketing dollars and pure organic content marketing on social media. 

But what exactly is a
sales funnel?

An automated salesman for your online business that never complaints, never asks for a raise & never even takes a break!

Sells your courses for you 24/7 & helps you earn,
even when you sleep

However, MOST of these online academies never had a content problem. Their knowledge about the subject matter was also not a concern! Most often, the real problem that blocks them from growing their online academy to a
6 figure business
 is - efficiently marketing and selling their courses across the world. And the fastest way they achieved that success was by building a SALES FUNNEL...

A sales funnel is a customer journey on your webpage that 

 guides your visitors step-by-step from the moment they land on the page

 towards making a buying decision

with the help of a series of landing pages, emails, videos, offers &
payment methods,

so that they don’t get lost & take the desired action putting you in charge!

Here’s how Knorish makes it incredibly easy for you to build sales funnels

Build high performing landing pages in just a few clicks that help you grow your business exponentially!

The larger market formula 

Want to discover how successful academies could actually pour thousands of paying customers into their business through sales funnels? Understand this formula first

In any given market, for any given product, there exists a certain percentage of customer cohorts as illustrated above & explained below:

  • 3% - Buying now stage:

This set of customers are the most demanded, most attractive & the ones with the most eyes on. In other words, they are in the ‘buying mode’. For example, if you scroll on Facebook & get a chance to come across an ad that shouts “Best new fashion trends, available for both men & women”, these types of ads are directly targeted at them.

But that is not hard. Why? Because you are offering an extremely hungry person a 3-course meal, who will certainly have a high tendency to buy it from you without reconsidering anything.

  • 20% - Aware of the problem stage:

You guessed it! This set of customers are aware of their problem & that’s it! They are not doing anything about it, however, if given a chance - they will certainly tend to look into the matter & find a solution.

  • 60% - Not aware of the problem stage:

...and there comes the BIG 60% segment of customers that are not even aware if they have a problem or not. They are the most ignored segment by majority of the seasoned marketers out there.

You see? The problem is that the majority of the marketers are exclusively focused on the 3% segment, leaving behind the majority of the 37% of their customers untapped!

You need to target the remaining 37% & THAT’S WHERE THE ROLE OF A SALES FUNNEL COMES INTO THE PICTURE!

To reach this 37%, and make them go from ‘Not Interested’ to ‘Enthusiastically keen on buying your course’, you will need to understand them, their desires, dreams, & their biggest fears and then use a sales funnel to make them aware with the help of step-by-step stages. These are uninformed prospects. This means they are not knowledgeable about the subject matter, and there is high uncertainty in their actions, and people don’t buy at this stage.


This doesn’t mean that if they are uncertain, you will just leave them there. Your job is to make them aware about their problem, nurture their intent in choosing the right solution, and making them more inclined towards the consideration of buying your product, AND 1 WAY TO DO THAT IS BY USING A SALES FUNNEL!

Once you do that,

Visitors start pouring in on your website
They watch your content & start considering buying your course 
Your knowledge attracts them & they actually convert into customers by paying

Your online course business starts seeing month-on-month growth!

However, sales funnels are very much different from website

What is the exact difference between a website & a sales funnel?

Still Confused?

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